Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Property Conveyancer

My job to most people may seem stressful and high paced although when I think about it I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Yet another cold morning, heating on and armed with a coffee I begin my day, first things first is to check my emails and once again get surprised with how many can be received in little time that I was closed from last night until now, still I read and reply to them quickly and effectively to let people know I’m here and ready for another day.


Emails replied to and now post arrives, consisting of letters from other conveyancers about some of their quick property sales to tell me the progress of contracts at their end concerning my clients. Once I have all the post read and the files updated, I then contact the clients to tell them the good, and not so good news. When emails arrive during this time I do like to take the time to read and reply as instantly as possible as I like to offer the best service I can, also I do empathise with my clients as I know much like myself they want everything sorted out as soon as possible.


In this time all clients have been contacted that need to be, I then go through all my open files that I have not received correspondence about yet today and look to see if there is any reason why I shouldn't have and If not I then chase up all relevant parties then contact my clients to give them an update as I don’t want them to think that I have dropped the ball at my end, plus I know it is nice to be kept up to date at all times so you don’t feel forgotten about.

I've got a couple of clients at the moment buy any house in liverpool as the property market is going through a real boom.

When 1:00 pm rolls round it seems to disappear as the term lunch break has become a term that I no longer understand, my version is a time to make another coffee and keep working.


A time when everyone starts to think about going home and finishing for the evening, is a time where I try to make sure that I have everyone contacted and there is nothing that I have forgotten and to put my mind at rest that I can comfortably go home knowing that everything is done until the morning.

Although today is like every other day when I receive more emails and am given more clients to help and more things to check up, which I personally feel can’t just be left until the morning, so it’s back to work I go, making more phone calls, reply to emails and generally try to push things along. At 5:55PM I decide just 5 more minutes, then I am out of here and everything after that can wait until the morning.


I should have been home an hour ago but here I am still at my desk trying to help clients, I am nothing if not determined. Once again like always I had a 5 minute countdown and my watch seemed to stop. I hit send on my final email of the day, shut down my computer, lock up and go home.

Time to relax and get ready for another day of madness tomorrow. See what I mean? Stressful to some people but personally I wouldn’t do any other job.